Join us for Personal Democracy Forum 2019: “Making Tech Civic”

June 6th at Civic Hall


A day-long exploration into how we make tech more ethical, civic, and inclusive.

Join us for Personal Democracy Forum 2019, "Making Tech Civic" on June 6th at Civic Hall!

This year PDF is going for intimacy, with a one-day immersion for a smaller number of attendees given space limitations.* We're focusing on just three inter-related plenary topics, and structuring the whole day to build meaningful collaboration on those topics. So when we say that tickets are limited, they really are!

Just a few years ago, technology was viewed with rose-colored spectacles. Tech was going to open up the world, liberate folks from corporate tutelage, expand and open knowledge, make government more efficient, and bring about a more equitable society. Yet, after realizing foreign governments could interfere with elections through digital propaganda, governments could use big tech as surveillance tools, platforms were anti-competitive, technology companies are using or selling data in unethical ways, and political violence is organized on platforms, the optimism has worn off.

Our theme this year, "Making Tech Civic," is an interrogation and creative exploration into ways we can reverse some of the negative impacts technology tools, companies, and policies have had on civic discourse, economy, social structures, and politics. How can we build better information ecosystems? How do we make technology companies more civic? Has power and data become too consolidated in just a few companies, and if so, how do we hold those companies and our governments accountable to higher standards or regulations?

We've pulled together a stellar group of presenters who bring cutting-edge insight and experience to these challenges. If you are interested in contributing by putting together a PDFopen session, please pitch your ideas on this form.

*If you are used to coming to the big two-day, 140-speaker, 30-panel PDFs of past years, we apologize for going small this year. As you may know, we are deeply focused on the expansion project of Civic Hall @ Union Square, which is slated to open in early 2021--and then we'll have a big new conference center of our own to host PDF in.


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